Ashes of Viris:

Viris, a world with those who live below on the surface in what is called "The Ashes of Viris", and those above who live on floating Islands and city structures make up what is called "Atalon". The people who live above enjoy a life of comfort and ease while those below fight for control and survival of what is mostly untamed wilderness, ruins of old, and cites built on top of centuries of trash.

Most of the citizen of the Ashes dream of a life in Atalon, but very few privileged people ever make the journey from the Ashes to the cities in the sky.

There is no direct contact between Atalon and the world below, so little of Atalon is truly known by the Ashfareres (What a lot of the citizens of the world below all themselves). Most of the things known by the Ashfarers is myth and legend. Only the few privileged communicate with the world above and they will not reveal secrets as it will ruin their chances for ascension.

The legend of the creation of Viris is as such:
A war waged between the god Tarkma and the god Viris for many centuries. Tarkma wanted to rule the doman of the living, which was Viris' domain at the time. Tarkma sent his armies of living dead to overpower the throne of Viris. Viris, having a smaller army, but being well fortified, held up in his palace for hundreds of years as the war of attrition waged on. Centuries passed and after many barrages from Tarkma's army. Viris' palace finally collapsed and the rubble flew from the heavens above and drove into the realm of mortals that Viris was ruler of. This ruble recreated the mortal world below and assembled to become what is now the Ashes of Viris. The larger pieces of Viris' palace that did not immediately fall below instead held their god-like magic and continued to levitate and live in the sky above the mortal realm.
Tarkma's army took what remained of the palace and dethroned Viris. Tarkma imprisoned Viris in his home plane. Since then Tarkma has ruled his own domain as well as Viris's. The original inhabitants were chosen from the world below by Tarkma to live in the skies in a utopia. Since then, only very few chosen privileged mortals have been allowed to leave the ashes and ascend to the world of Atalon above.

This story is about those who live in the ashes.

Ashes of Viris